Are you still feeling disappointed every time you look on yourself in the mirror? That flabby fat is still on, that chubby cheek; some packs are formed on the lower part of your arms instead of on your abs, and so on. You do have tried much kind of diets, and take different kind supplements that are said to support your diet to be successful “as advertised”. However, that flabby belly is still there. Perhaps, you need to change your diet pattern, and look on the method that is rich on nutrition, thus helping you not to reduce your weight, but at first, helps you to shape your body.

Paleo diet is considered as one of the most recommended diet today. It is an abbreviation of a Paleolithic diet that refers to the dietary food consumed by people during the Paleolithic era. The diet is also popular as caveman diet, Stone Age diet, or hunter gatherer diet. The basic premise of the diet is consuming the food that is similar to the ancient diet of wild animals and plants that are mostly consumed by the people during the hunter gatherer era that occurs about 2.5 million years ago, and ended around 10,000 years ago by the time the of the agricultural period emerged. The paleo diet is rich in protein and vitamin nutrition, low carbs. This is the core factor that makes it recommended for diet. The main “course’ of the paleo diet consist of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, roots, and nuts. It excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils that is believed as the factor that may causes cholesterol disease, overweight, heart attack, diabetes, and any other digestive related diseases when excessively consumed.

The paleo diet is first suggested by Walter L.Voegtlin on 1975, when he published a book and argued that human is a carnivorous animals and that the ancestral Paleolithic diet was carnivorous, rich of protein and fats, and low on carbohydrates intake. Even though there is also some argument that said the successful of the diet is a fad due to its low carbohydrate intake, or it may hamper the balance of people’s food security, this diet can be an option for you as a diet choice, combined with regular exercise. There are also some researchers conducted that proves, traditional people who implement this diet from generation is tested to be free from stroke and ischaemic heart disease. If you are interested to apply the paleo diet to help you attaining your ideal body weight and shape, it is not difficult to prepare the paleo recipe at home. Somehow, the paleo recipe is the dinner menu that you often cook at home. You can find the recommendation of paleo recipe on the internet, or even on the paleo cookbook that you can purchase on the book store or internet. Some of the paleo recipes that you can prepare at home are cream of broccoli soup, cream of mushroom soup, almond crusted plaice fillets, apple glazed turkey breast, chicken curry, Danish meat loaf, chipotle lime salmon, chicken apple, and many other.